Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Since I arrived in New York City to study in New York University's Cinema Studies masters program, I've tried seeing as many movies as I can. I keep a large pile of movie tickets on my dresser and add to them sometimes daily. Here is a very lengthy report of all the movies I've seen from Sep. 1 (my birthday and first NYC movie day) through Oct. 3. Subsequent reports will be shorter, as I plan on updating on a weekly basis. Check back often! I might also post little thoughts on upcoming movies or festivals or screenings or special events, too.

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  1. Casey, Welcome to Blogger,my fellow cinephile.I find your blog immensely entertaining and instructive as another NY movie lover gives his unique voice about moviegoing in the Big Apple. Keep on fighting the good fight(especially against the "cinema moochers" and film philistines who spoil moviegoing for us devoted and serious NYC filmgoing fans) and keep on blogging,my friend!